…My Intro Scene…

A little bit about the man behind the keyboard

“We all make choices in life, but in the end our choices make us.”

Andrew Ryan, Bioshock.

Awkwardly this seems a lot harder than anticipated, sitting here almost bashing my head against the keyboard (but not otherwise my intro would have read “qwert-multiple random keys and spaces-;’sjfg”) but now as I’m getting into the groove of this maybe I will be able to give some actual about info in the second paragraph.

Let’s get to the basics and the boring, I was born in one of those small towns even tumbleweeds dare not go as there is less than nothing that happens there called “Winburg” (it sounds more interesting than it is), a small speck located in a region called “Free-Sate” in South Africa on a possibly lovely spring day on the 15th of September 1985 (think my other senses were more overwhelmed by where I just crawled out of and who is this alien in a blue suit and face mask making first contact by smacking me) where through the years as we moved closer to civilization and as advances in technology happened a small electronic sprout was planted in me and it just continued to grow to the gaming tech-head i am today and continues to grow still with the only major difference being that I now call New Zealand home.

It evolved even more when I met a group of likeminded individuals at school where we were fortunate enough to still grow up in the era where we played pen and paper D&D to the awesome array of games on the shared “Nintendo Entertainment System” we got one Christmas (granted it was created when I was born but we only made first contact much later in life), where till today even though being thousands of miles apart our group kept close contact and thanks to the advancements in technology and the gaming industry as a whole it is now easier to still enjoy the one thing that brought us together… The escape from reality, the place where fiction becomes a figurative reality for us, where we can embark on a new world and a new kind of adventure, be it exploring the galaxy and stars beyond, to the simple act of building arb items required by townies or even just spending(wasting) countless hours fishing to now real progression or reward in the game.

In closing I guess I just came to appreciate every aspect of this industry, I have a keen love for experiencing all sorts developers have to offer, from the lowest graphical games that hardly ever get a mention or a glance(yet ones where I find myself losing the most hours in) right up to the heavy hitters(that sometimes also end in big failures) and this is what inspired me to start this blog, I have spent so much time trying to find someone who explores all aspects and genres in the gaming world and even less truly expressing their honest opinions on what they have played, I have stopped listening and reading reviews along with avoiding the masses of videos out there either promoting or shooting down titles before they have even launched, not to say that their reviews and efforts should not get credit, by all means if it speaks to you then listen and make your own informed decision however I have yet to find that voice that speaks to me, so in saying that I have become my own voice and running through the experience and learning the hard way, by “buying before I try” and not the norm “try before you buy” (seeing that is hardly an option bar the occasional free weekends here and there) but also i’m just keen on having a general discussion around the topic of gaming in general, sharing my thoughts, reading everyone’s comments and just forming a dialogue from there.

So if you find that this is something that speaks to you or that this could possibly help you in any way come follow me on my journey as I will start off with reviewing some old, some new and then some I’m definitely looking forward to getting my hands on. On top of that I will also try throw in more hardware related reviews on what I’m using or acquire in the future and if it was worth the upgrade or if there’s some serious buyer’s remorse, my love for this field expanded beyond what games have to offer but also to tinker with the other things that make them run better and just to try and be as up to date as possible with our ever changing and evolving technological world.

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