…Destiny 2…

A worthy predecessor to the first title.

After the first Destiny had a bit of a shaky first year with many fans being disappointed with the product they got so hyped up about (myself included). Bungie eventually managed to pull themselves together and delivered quite an enjoyable title, one that I have lost well into a couple of hundred hours in. Now they built on what eventually became a winning recipe after learning some hard lessons from the first derailment. Luckily this is one of those stories with a happy beginning, middle and end, as they have done quite a lot right with this second instalment. This was mainly a solo play on the single player campaign, but I did team up with the normal crew in some multiplayer activities and I can happily say both experiences were more than enjoyable.

The Main Protagonist & NPC’s

After choosing your Guardian which are split into 3 different classes i.e. Warlock, Hunter or Titan who all come with their own special attributes and special abilities, you delve into the usual and not to overly annoying mini in-game tutorials (detracting from the main character description here I know…). So moving on to the actual main character, they have done quite a lot of effort to make you feel connected with your character, granted you still don’t have a voice and you will always just have the voice of your “Ghost” (if haven’t played any Destiny games, a “Ghost” is your very own floating personal assistant, with scanning and a host of other abilities to assist you in your missions and general activities). You will get a lot of opportunity to customize your Guardian to fit any playstyle and make it unique, as you have various amounts of customizations at your disposal, from your combat skills and special abilities, right down to what you want to look like down to the smallest detail. You will also have a worthy adversary in Destiny 2, one you feel you want to engage with in an epic fight to the bitter end, they did an impressive amount of effort with character development in all areas, right down to your fellow Guardians, where there were a few tear jerk moments with some developments in the story and how it affected some of your in-game NPC teammates. So that was one massive win for me as story and well written/developed characters are massive game making or breaking things for me as might know by now.

Gameplay and Map

Starting with the Map or maps, you will travel to different planets with different environments just like in the first one, with the addition of the maps in Destiny 2 being significantly larger, so your inner “Dora the Explorer” will be very happy with all the nooks and crannies you will be able to explore at your own peril. As mentioned in the main character paragraph, you will have no shortage of elements you can customize when it comes to your Guardian, the weapons you wield, even what your ship and “Ghost” will look like. Those were little things I actually came to appreciate, as it is nice to see your artistic masterpiece being unleashed on a chaotic battlefield and do some serious damage in style. You will have numerous encounters all over the map, as there will tons of tiny skirmishes scattered over every map, with the classic main “Global” event to partake in (obviously the more player the better, as some of those global events are crazy hard). Every planet you visit will be open and you will load in with numerous other players, noting that it is all a PVE environment and you won’t randomly get taken out by stronger players who are just bored or itching to wreck someone else’s game day. But if you want to test your steel against other players, they will have numerous different PVE arenas you can join to see how you fare against non NPC’s. We spent quite a bit of time in the PVE section (which I hardly ever do) as they actually made it a fun experience, with different game modes that engage players in other ways, not only in the classic run and gun, trying to kill as many players as you can, so that was a very refreshing PVP experience. The gameplay is fast and smooth, with everything being loaded into the map, meaning no annoying additional loading screens or anything like that, and just pure uninterrupted fun.

Main Story

They actually did well with the story, keeping you gripped and entertained every step of the way, making sure to keep the progression and climaxes going. I never went through any portion of the game feeling that it lacked in any form or way, where they kept every part of me fully satisfied with an in depth story, one that actually follows a natural progression, where it made sense and all fit together like a puzzle (and a massive 10 000 piece puzzle). So just on that alone it won me over whole heartedly. To give you a little bit about the actual story of Destiny 2, One year after the SIVA Crisis, Cabal forces of the Red Legion launch an aerial assault on the Last City, destroying the main portion of the Tower, the headquarters of the Guardians. The player’s Guardian and their Ghost respond by assisting the Vanguard in assaulting the Red Legion command ship. As they confront the Red Legion’s commander, Dominus Ghaul, his forces attach a device to the Traveler and begin draining it of the Light, the power used by the Guardians. The Guardian loses their powers and is nearly killed by Ghaul. Waking two days after the attack, the Guardian locates their Ghost. They find a haven known as “the Farm” in the European Dead Zone (EDZ) with the assistance of Suraya Hawthorne, a non-Guardian human from the outskirts of the Last City. You then follow visions from the Shard of The traveller who leads your across the galaxy (with each planet having it’s own mini story, to eventually build and tie in with the massive main storyline) to restore the light and plan your counter-offensive. Eventually through numerous other trials and challenges, you build up to the final battle with Calus (the awesomely done main antagonist), where I wont carry on as that will just spoil the story, but it is well written and executed.


Destiny 2 was and is well worth the money, they hit all the right notes in all the right places. They cater for all types of gaming fans, allowing you the customization many want, without making it affect you to much if you choose not to go all “Bedazzled” on your Guardian and pimping it out to the max. You will lose even more countless hours in this game, as I already have, along with that the game has enough going to keep you going back and grinding in different ways, even after completing the game they made sure that there will be enough activities at your disposal to want you to come back and grind to get the epic rewards at the end of that “grindbow”, and the rewards are well worth it trust me. This game is fun if you want to just fly solo and kill some time doing some arb exploration and global events, but also fun when you want to team up with your mates and see how well you do at the various different PVP modes. All round they hit a lot of right marks with this game, so much so that I will happily recommend this to anyone still on the fence on whether to get it or not. They really cater for a large and varied audience, and odds are you will definitely find something that suits your playstyle, making your experience in the game that much more enjoyable, and have you be a happy returning customer to fight on another day.

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